Simple DIY Bread Slicing Guide


I guess this means my daughter literally made the greatest thing.

最近,my daughter Charlotte wanted to buy a wooden bread slicing guide.如果我们切面包时不把面包弄坏,我们经常看到不均匀的碎片,whether cutting my homemade sourdough bread or a loaf of store-bought bread.是的,we do sometimes buy bread.It's okay!You don't have to bake the bread if you don't want to!

With a slicing guide,Charlotte reasoned,we would be able to cut uniform,平滑切片。当她在网上找到她想要的模特后,她意识到她可能需要一些帮助才能成功。Enter Chandra and his power tools.

钱德拉有夏洛特做这个所需要的一切——一把台锯,drill press,hand tools,砂纸,螺钉,夹子,safety goggles (very important!) and very nice scrap maple left over from a previous project.

bread slicing guide with a loaf of sourdough bread
光滑的,even slices every time!
Back of wooden bread slicing guide
Back of bread slicing guide
Bottom of wooden bread slicing guide
Bottom of bread slicing guide

Instructions for homemade bread slicing guide

1。Cut two thick boards of maple (or other hardwood) at the same time,one on top of the other,用台锯。如果你像这样把两块木板剪在一起,they will match up when you screw them together.夏洛特的作品厚14英寸乘7 1/4英寸乘1英寸。你可能想要不同的尺寸。

2.下一步,你将把背板拧入底板(切割面)。Clamp the boards together with the back perpendicular to the bottom.With the boards aligned and clamped,drill six 1/8″ holes.每个洞都钻后拧在一起。Start at the edges and work to the center.

三。If you know what you're doing with power tools,当螺丝插入时,从背板的中心切下插槽。钱德拉在夏洛特做这件事的时候监督她。他说,一个初学者自己工作,应该取下背板,然后用桌锯把它锯成两半。如果你用薄锯片,you may have to cut more wood away from the center.


5.Slice your bread!

6。To clean,simply wipe with a cloth.如果槽需要认真清洗,您总是可以拧下后板的一半,并清洁插槽的每侧边缘。

Technical drawings

Chandra drew up the plans up for this project.查看他的PDF文件imperialmetric measurements.

Bread slicing guide,帝国的测量

Chandra drew the plans with old Apple software that he first learned to use in school back in the early 80s.当时,苹果公司的一位高管参观了他在库比蒂诺的学校,向全班学生展示了如何使用公司捐赠的电脑和软件。

Chandra's teacher—who had made a big fuss over the executive—pointed out the nice job Chandra had done rendering an airplane.(The other kids drew boxes.) The man came over to look and complimented Chandra on his work.几年后,钱德拉才意识到那个人是史蒂夫·乔布斯。

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  1. This is great!我讨厌商店买的,因为它们的槽已经隔开了,而且它们把面包切得太胖了。I like skinny slices.我要让我丈夫帮我做这个。Thanks!

    1. 零浪费厨德赢备用师 说: 答复

      谢谢克里斯汀。It's so simple but really works well.我女儿对此很自豪
      ~ Anne Marie

  2. I'm impressed by your family's ingenuity.如果我丈夫或我想做面包切片机,it would all be askew.We'd have to disassemble it and store the parts out in the shed,where they'd stay until our children sort through our belongings after our death.I guess we'll have to stick with a knife and cutting board.Thanks for sharing the idea,though.

    1. 零浪费厨德赢备用师 说: 答复

      ~ Anne Marie

  3. Yosi Almog 说: 答复

    Hi Anne Marie,
    I am composting in Santa Cruz and could compost bigger amounts.有些人想堆肥,但由于不同的原因不能这样做。There is a social network to match these needs – you post about this social network so that people will be able to do more composting?堆肥有很多种方法,我也愿意旅行和咨询人们如何在自己的地方堆肥。
    Best Wishes,

    1. 零浪费厨德赢备用师 说: 答复


      几个月前我了解了sharewaste,现在经常提到它。Food scraps should NEVER go to landfill (as you know…I am preaching to the choir…).Thank you for adding your compost bin to the app!I will add another compost blog to my to-blog list.

      Anne Marie

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